Eonet allows you to handle the access permission to your content for both logged in and logged out users:

Logged out users

You can choose is your website is available or not for logged out users, you can do it with a global option, for the whole site and then set a specific option for each page, if you prefer.

To set the privacy option of the whole site, you have to use this option:

In Theme Settings > General > Security

If this option is enabled, the whole site will be restricted and every visitor will need to sign in to get access.

After set the global option, you can handle in a different way the privacy of each specific page using this option:

Security options metabox. Below single page content editing

The options are:

  • Default: Use the same value of the global option
  • Public: This page is forced to be visible also for logged out users
  • Private: This page is visible only to logged in users

Now that you have set the privacy of your site/pages, you have to set how to handle the logged out users if they reach a restricted page.

Theme Settings > General > Security

The options are:

  • Redirect user: If a logged out user reaches a restricted page, he is just redirected to the login page
  • Display message (default): If a logged out user reaches a restricted page, he will see this content.

Logged in users